Lev Shogren

February 8, 2023


Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in?

Lev Shogren: I play JGB hockey, I’m a defenceman. I am involved in the Hornet Mentor program, I’m a cabinet member in that so that’s pretty exciting, you know me. I’m involved in Capernum through Younglife, as well as the regular Younglife program. I am also involved in Wuollet Bakery, that’s my family’s bakery, I work for them a lot. I don’t get paid but I do deliveries a lot and they pay for my gas. My favorite pastry is the Cheesecake there. 

Z: What is your summer job?

Lev: I work on a horse barn out in Plymouth. Me and my buddy Tyler Hewitson plant trees, we dig up roots, we built a little bit of a fence, and we built a trail. It sucks because I get all my clothes dirty when I work but it’s alright. 

Z: I know your car has quite the reputation, what makes it so special?

Lev: That’s right. I drive a 2010 Ford Expedition, it’s blue and it’s been titled “The Whale” because it’s so big, spacious and blue. It’s taken quite a beating, it’s never been fixed up. Recently actually, the brakes stopped working while I was on the way to school, but it’s okay because I slowed myself down by crashing into a snowbank and now it just sits in my driveway. No side mirror, the lights flash on and off, no tire pressure gauge, it’s got Bluetooth but no air conditioning. 

Z: Who would win a fight, a horse or a gorilla?

Lev: A horse. I saw this video of a small horse kicking a giant horse and it hit the horse right in the forehead and killed it immediately. I guarantee if a horse lands that kick on a gorilla, that gorilla is shattered. That gorilla has no chance and the horse is faster. The gorilla is also small. The horse would win unless the gorilla jumps from a tree which wouldn’t happen though. 

Z: What does being on court mean to you?

Lev: I didn’t honestly think I would win, I didn’t know that the court election was happening because I was sick. I was very happy to receive the call, I didn’t expect to be on court. I do think that there are some better members of the community that could be represented but I’m honored to be on court. I’m really happy about it. 

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