Letter to the Editor: Zephyrus on 10/4/18 regarding the article: Was Mollie Tibbetts used as a political pawn?

Anthony Borchardt, guest writer

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Dear Mr. or Ms. Editor and Mr. Hickey of Zephyrus,

I noticed your article in the new Zephyrus paper that was published on October 4th, 2018, and I thought that your article was skewed very left on the political spectrum.

First of all, you refrained from using the term “illegal immigrant” (which is an important part of the story) in your article. Also, you refrained from using any conservative sources which does not allow those who are uninformed about the case in question to form their own opinions; and instead you used sources such as the NY Times and the founder of the New Democrat Network Think Tank and Advocacy Organization. Both of which are well-known for having liberal biases.   Thirdly, you said that “It was almost impossible to deny the racially charged motives behind these accusations.” and that “Conservative groups would never call for action against all white Americans if the situation was flipped.” This really concerns me that you said the motives were “Racially charged” and that we (conservatives) “Would never call for action against all white Americans if the situation was flipped.” You are playing identity politics and that we mean all Mexican immigrants (as a person who’s great-grandparents who were both legal Mexican immigrants and myself being a quarter Mexican I take personal offense to this) when we (again conservatives) are specifically talking about illegal immigrants who have crossed the border illegally, and in general are making life more difficult for the average American whether it be through the gangs such as MS-13, child trafficking, or those who just steal from the American economy by not paying their taxes and instead just take all their earnings and sending it to Mexico and, therefore refusing to put most of it back into the American economy. Also, I would like to respond to the point that “if the situation was flipped, we would not be calling out for action” by saying that we(yet again, you guessed it conservatives) don’t like to play identity politics and that we would call out for the person to be arrested, and potentially receive the death penalty no matter the race of the person.

Fourthly, I do agree that one murder may not be enough of a reason to justify a crusade against a whole group of people, but there have been many murders. If you have gangs of illegals that beheaded people and there have been other illegal immigrants that commit other heinous crimes such as child trafficking, I would like to state the obvious, that it would be better to deport them along with all other illegals that don’t have an H-2A or H-2B visa, and have them legally apply for citizenship and have them go through the vetting process and enhanced border security (such as a wall), so people don’t try to cheat the immigration system which will make our country safer.

To conclude, I would like to say that, while Mollie Tibbets may not have agreed with this system of thought, I think that she and everyone else would concur that she would rather be alive and have a more secure border than dead with our current border policy. And finally, I would also like to end with that if we did have a more secure border and less illegal immigrants, she would most likely still be alive today. I would like to thank you for listening to my criticisms of your piece, and I hope that in your next article regarding politics that you will use sources from both sides or unbiased sources in order to form an argument for opinion pieces and that you will use more of an unbiased tone for your non-opinion pieces.

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