End of the year status: Distress among students

Sadie Johnson Sieben, staff manager

As classroom plans consistently changed nationwide this year, Edina continues to shift its district learning model. This fall, some students returned to school in a hybrid learning model, which quickly switched back to distance learning. Now, most students are operating in a four-day in-person model. These repeated changes have impacted some students’ learning for the worse. A nationally represented survey conducted by Common Sense Media found, “In terms of what teens believe will be the biggest academic challenges facing them this year, 42 percent said learning remotely, 37 percent said uncertainty around the pandemic, and 32 percent said emotional upheaval.”

The debate of in-school learning versus online learning has been a difficult decision for most parents and students. Students who have chosen EVA are concerned about their school performance and overall motivation levels. “I have been feeling really overwhelmed, I have a lot of anxiety towards the end of the year. I’ve been trying to turn in all my assignments and do all my homework but I am still struggling. It isn’t the difficulty level of the courses rather the lack of motivation from being at home doing my schoolwork,” senior Addyson Arnold said. 

Many students at EHS have varied coursework that includes Advanced Placement and college-level courses. Students during a normal school year would have challenges with some of these classes, but the difficulty to stay on top of work in different learning models has become the biggest challenge for some students. Hennepin Technical College classes offered through EHS are another enrichment that students are struggling with. “I do feel a lack of motivation regarding PSEO classes; I think something that made it exciting was the hands-on learning component at the community college,” senior Mackenzie Rapacki said.

For students who are having a hard time finding motivation, it is important to remember that there are ways to help. A researched way to boost your motivation is writing out “clear goals”, such as getting an A on your Biology test. If you feel as if you need more academic help EHS offers support on coursework by resources of reaching out to teachers, counselors, and taking advantage of flex time or office hours, these options can provide guidance to students during the last month of school.