EHS’s parking lot is a newly found benefit to student life when it comes to after school hobbies

May 3, 2021

Edina High School has long prided itself on its vast and unique activities offered to students. Among all of these amazing opportunities, let’s not forget the opportunity to navigate the school parking lot at the end of the school day. The traffic in the parking lot is infamous for being an excruciatingly long wait; despite this, students have found that the extra time spent waiting in line may not be such a burden on their lives after all. “I was really struggling with the G sharp at the end of Mozart’s Symphony N. 40, but then I realized I could practice my clarinet in my car!” senior Maddie Erickson said. 

EHS students and teachers alike have been able to put extra time toward academics, sports, and even enjoying some down time while waiting to leave the parking lot. “I once used the time to get to the end of Temple Run,” junior Matt Peters said. More so, students have even started to advertise their parking lot. “I’ve actually encouraged more people to apply for parking permits so us teachers can have even more time for grading in our cars,” EHS’s math teacher Donald Persky said. 

As the hobbies within the school’s parking lot continue to grow, staff and students have come to consider themselves lucky for such a one-of-a-kind opportunity at the end of each day. EHS can now pride itself on not only its numerous and excessive sports records, but its traffic jams as well.

Diverse interests: Students gather in the lot to show off their abilities. (Rhea Hammond)
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