Edina Varsity Football Team ends their season with a close game

STMA picks up the lead within the final seven minutes of the 11/2 game

Anjali Aralikar, student life beat lead

Although the Edina High School Varsity Football Team ended its season on a heartbreaking note, they did have a successful season with a 7-2 record and a ranking within the top ten teams of the state. The team’s performance was incredibly driven during the majority of the game, even though they lost their lead in the final seven minutes. Edina only incurred one penalty, while STMA received around five. During the third quarter, the ball was intercepted and the STMA quarterback was tackled. Although they lost steam in the fourth quarter, Edina was definitely the dominant force during the onset of the game, scoring four touchdowns in the second and third quarter and preventing a touchdown by STMA in the second quarter. 

Edina 28 — St. Michael-Albertville 29