Controversial Bathroom Justice Club seeks to make EHS bathrooms functional

March 31, 2020

Many school clubs are formed around a common interest such as a language, sport, or skill. However, the newly formed Bathroom Justice Club manifested out of a passion for improved bathroom conditions at Edina High School. The organization, started in February, meets weekly on Thursdays to discuss strategy.. 

“This is honestly the greatest fight of our lives, and we deserve justice on this issue. I formed this club in order to achieve much needed reform, even if that requires radical ideas,” junior Journey McGowen said. Bathroom Justice evolved from the Social Justice Club at EHS, which was dissolved last year due to a lack of interest. 

The club uses students’ own traumas to appeal for support on bathroom issues by including testimonies on their website. “The hole in the first floor girls’ bathroom sink grew six inches last night,” one anonymous source said. Other comments seemed to address student behavior. “Waiting in the vaping line to get to the bathroom can take 20 minutes, on a good day,” senior Bill Rowland said. 

On Feb. 11, Bathroom Justice Club took their demands to the next level by staging a walkout during fifth period. “A wide ranging coalition of 32 students joined us to say that we are serious about standing up against the systematic bathroom issues within our school. While we didn’t achieve our demands, I think our TPing of the school sent a clear message that this is a serious issue,” sophomore Brent Davenport said.

There are, however, some critics over the club’s demands. “Functioning locks on every bathroom stall? Where would EHS divert the money from? Those funds are needed for Mr. Marshall’s ghostwriter. They’re being unrealistic,” sophomore Tanner Johnson said. 

Going forward, the club hopes to advocate for more substantive solutions. One working idea is to campaign for the school to cut its allocation in next year’s budget for the proposed Life Time Fitness to be built onto EHS. This money could cover the cost of constructing 12 new bathrooms and replacing the sinks that went missing last year.

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