Climate Strike on December 6th

Sadie Roy, staff writer

In this day and age, it helps to be caught up in what’s happening with our planet now that global warming has become a more well-known topic. One way in which many Edina High School students have become more aware of climate change is by attending strikes. Recently, a climate strike took place on Dec. 6 at the state capital. 

Edina High School sophomore Sarah Bohrer took the opportunity to attend and participate in the climate strike on Dec. 6. “There were two different events, one was local at the Ridgedale library where we did workshops and students presented information about the climate and current events happening,” Bohrer said. “After that, we went to the capital where chants were held and we got to talk to different political officials about current laws and projects.” The main goal of these events is to spread awareness; according to Bohrer, they achieved that goal. 

The strike turned out to be a success as a lot of people showed up. “There were about 50 high schoolers at the local groups and at the capital there were many more from all over Minnesota and all ages,” Bohrer said. “It was amazing to see many senior citizens showing up because they care about future generations. One even mentioned how she is worried about her grandkids’ future.”

Passion is the main thing that drives people to attend these events. “My favorite thing was seeing the passion people have for this cause,” Bohrer said, “There were so many leaders and organizers who are the same age as me. They were great role models and impressed me a lot with how active and passionate they are about the climate.” This passion that the leaders showed is a factor that will carry on to help future generations become more involved, as there will be a lot more strikes in the future. 

Since it was Bohrer’s first time going, she didn’t know what to expect. “I went to the climate strike because I want to know more about climate change. I want to be more politically involved, especially when it comes to our climate. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about our planet, I will definitely be going to more in the future,” Bohrer said.