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How to get the best college letter of recommendation

Brooke Sheehy, administration beat lead

May 26, 2019

When the end of junior year rolls around, many students feel apprehensive about asking teachers to write them letters of recommendation for college. While it is only natural to feel gauche asking a figure of authority for a fav...

13 things every college freshman should have (but might forget to pack)

Julia Nicholson, page editor

May 26, 2019

Command products: You can use them to hang posters, hats, lights, towels, and more with the comfort of knowing that they won’t leave behind a scratch. Leave for college with a wide variety of Command hooks and strips becau...

Four ways to beat second semester slump

Four ways to beat second semester slump

Anjali Aralikar, student life beat lead

April 6, 2019

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