Student cultivates internet fame under DJ alias “KC Audio”

Isha Konety, news beat lead

Recently, the music account “KC Audio” has been catching the attention of many members of the Edina High School student body. Officially started in 2016 by senior Casey Schneider, the account consists of remixes and mashups of popular songs from music artists such as Post Malone and The Chainsmokers.

Inspired by the music that accompanied Vine videos, Schneider began creating electronic music for himself and his friends in 2015. Soon, he began posting his music on social media and quickly attracting a following. Currently, his Youtube account boasts a following of 23,481 subscribers, while his SoundCloud and Instagram accounts have followings of 2,623 and 6,716, respectively. His Youtube videos have had upwards of one million views and his tracks have been reposted by popular music accounts such as Trap Nation.

Schneider has also had a few live performances. “I have done some small concerts for people at school and some at venues in Downtown Minneapolis for some bigger people who were on tour this past summer,” Schneider said. He makes money opening for performers and from the advertisements that appear on his Youtube videos.

With the support of his friends and family, he has been able to build a fanbase—both inside and outside of EHS—and make connections. “[My friends] have known about [my music] since it started and they have always listened to it and told me what they thought about it,” Schneider said.

Along with the success that Schneider has experienced, he has had to work through many obstacles. His online image has changed the way that many perceive him at school. “People come up to me and are always like ‘oh, you are the DJ guy’ and it is fun but it can also get overwhelming because that is really all that people say to you,” Schneider said.

His success has inspired him to pursue his passion for music as a career, after attending college. “My parents are supportive and they want me to do this but they also want me to be realistic,” Schneider said. He hopes to minor in music and continue to improve upon his skills in college. “My ultimate goal is to do music for as long as I can and make it a sustainable living,” Schneider said.