Braemar Golf Course Renovations


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“Edina city staff, a few city council members, park board members, designers and others met July 14 at Braemar Golf Course Driving Range to commemorate the beginning of the range’s reconstruction”

Tanner Jones, staff writer

On July 7 construction began on a series of renovations to the Braemar golf course. This $1.8 million project will expand the driving range and install a new par-3 course.

Unlike many other construction projects, the Braemar overhaul seems to be meeting its deadlines. “Everything is on schedule.” Tom Swenson, Braemar Superintendent said. Edina golfers will be happy to hear that the new course is planned to open this spring.

The reason for the construction is simple. The current course is inefficient and not large enough to accommodate all of the players that Braemar hopes to support. For years, despite lasting as a local icon, the course has proved inefficient for its many constituents. The renovations will both modernize the 50 year old institution, and make it more appealing to a wider audience.

The new driving range will be capable of serving up to 58 golfers at once. Additionally, the 27-hole executive course will have improved turf and will be built in a way to better integrate older golfers. The course will be designed in a more efficient way, allowing for greater accessibility and less time carrying clubs.

The expansion will also make up for the golfing space lost with the closing of Fred-Richards Golf Course in the Lake Edina neighborhood, in 2014.

At this point, construction is focused on course irrigation. It is imperative that the new seed be planted before snowfall, and that germination begins before the ground freezes.

The construction has been remarkably efficient. The main course closed July 6, and construction was underway by July 7. The Braemar staff is prioritizing swiftness, hoping that the renovations will draw summer golfers.

Despit the construction, golfers shouldn’t be discouraged this autumn. Braemar’s 27 Championship Golf Holes have remained open through the developments, and will continue to attract many until snowfall. This can be attested by the fact that 15 major adult golf leagues continue to play regardless of the changes around them.

Additionally, avid golfers can utilize the Braemar golf dome. This year it didn’t close in October as usual, but was instead left open as an alternative for golfers displaced by the construction. The dome, on 7420 Braemar Blvd, is open from 9AM to 9PM daily.

This spring, local golfers can hope to see a revitalized driving range and a much improved par-3 course that will bring years of fun to Edina residents.