Blake Olson bowls strikes for new Edina Bowling Team

Anna Zhou, staff writer

The new bowling team has attracted many star athletes from Edina High School with it’s easy schedule and fashionable jerseys. One them is Blake Olson, a senior who is dedicated to his work but still likes to have fun. I had the privilege to flag Blake down for an interview.

Q: Why did you decide to join the bowling team?
A: I decided to do bowling because I thought it would be a fun activity to be in. A couple of my friends were doing it as well, so it was a way to do something fun with them.

Q: What has been your favorite moment in bowling so far?
A: My favorite moment so far this season is winning our first match. It was a close match and we all wanted to win, and we pulled it off.

Q: Since you are on the Nordic Skiing team as well, which one do you prefer?
A: I guess I like Nordic better, bowling is more just for fun and Nordic is a sport that I am in to.

Q: When nordic starts, is it going to be hard for you to juggle both sports at the same time?
A: No, bowling ends around the time that Nordic is starting up. There is a little overlap between the two, but there probably won’t be snow yet, so it won’t be too hard to manage.

Q: What do you see for the future of the Edina Bowling team?
A: Since this is the first year of the bowling team and we had a fairly good turnout, I expect the team to grow, as well as becoming more competitive at the meets when people are on it for multiple years.

Q: Do you plan on continuing either sport in college?
A: Both sports are fun to be involved in at the high school, and if I have time/if there’s a recreational/non-competitive team in college I will for sure be a part of it!